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The Flowers are Up for 2021!

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Hey All,

It’s interesting, people are so obviously grateful to be out & about. It’s nice to see. People are polite, we’re happily letting people pull out in front us. I wave, they smile. The world feels calm.

I also know of quite a few people that reconnected during the pandemic. Myself included!

Soooo, this season is our 4th consecutive season!!! Wohooo!!! It’s such an exciting time.

Personally, I’d like to get around the maze & trails more. I love to chat, answer questions, or take your pic for you. I mean, I'm not a professional photographer, but I’ll make you look good.

It’s fun to meet everyone. Last season I had the best conversation with Grandpa, never got his name but that’s what his grandkids called him, so that must be his name.

Anyhoo, he thought he planted potatoes in his beloved garden. Yet they were growing upward instead of bushing out. We wondered, brainstormed, he showed me a few pics. It was not any kind of potato plant I’ve even seen. He had me in stitches as he wondered out loud, “What the hell did I plant?”.

I’m really looking forward to seeing him this year. I must know what he planted!!

Actually I’m looking forward to a few other updates from my new friends.

Just a quick FYI, we allow any pet to enter with you. Please leash them. And be sure to come to the tent!!

We enjoy, with your permission, giving our furry customers a dog biscuit.

żegnajcie na razie moi przyjaciele


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