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Photographer Information

Photo shoots:

Photo shoots alone or with models are allowed during daily business hours, no reservation required. All participants must pay the admission fee. Keep reading for information on special events, including our special photographer events!

Bees on Sunflower by Rebecca Grace Photography

Special Photographer Events

We will be offering special Early Sunrise Photographer days and Late Night Photographer evenings on select days! Check our calendar for specific dates. An additional fee applies.

Sunflower with Blue Sky by Kel Tel Images

No Drones

Due to FAA Regulations, NO drones are allowed to be flown inside or around the field. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but this is strictly enforced.

Ladybug on Sunflower by Kel Tel Images

Special Events

Interested in scheduling time on the field for a large photo shoot? Head to our Special Events page for more information!

Woman Looking at Sunflower by Rebecca Grace Photography
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