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Our Story

In 1910, my Polish great-grandfather started growing potatoes on our family farm on Long Island. By the time my parents began tending to the 170-acre farm in the 1970’s, times were tough. But they took a risk and just jumped in, opening North Fork Potato Chips! Crazy right?!

Today, my dad farms, my mom makes the chips, and I manage the sunflowers! What do we do with the sunflowers on our family farm? Well...

While some suggested cooking with cottonseed oil like the bigger chip makers do, my mom insisted on using only real sunflower oil. Well, that's when we began growing sunflowers, which was my father's idea. In 2010, he planted seeds in a nice little farm, where no one could see, and studied them. The sunflower oil we use comes directly from, you guessed it, our sunflowers!


I opened our first sunflower maze in 2012, I bet you didn't know that! The design was fantastic, my view was beautiful, and I learned a great deal. So, we took a break to regroup. We opened again in 2018, one of my favorite years of my life! Our sunflower maze has gone through many changes, and I hope to make additions and changes each year so everyone can enjoy themselves! I love getting your suggestions on how we can improve, so thank you for that. 


Remember to keep checking this website and our socials! And thank you so much for supporting our family farm!

Keep soaking up the sun,

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