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2021 Maze Announcements

Our Maze is now officially closed for the season. 

Thank you kindly for the fun, support, laughter and life moments. this season we met some really wonderful new friends and enjoyed catching up with our returnees!

See you in 2022!

We are planning some really fun and great events for next year. Check back, stay tuned, see you then! 

2021 (closed for season)


October 9th | Open Mic - open to anything you want to say, sign or play ~ 1pm - 5pm

October 6th | Closed to access the field.

October 4th | Closed due to weather.


September 26th | DJ Mayo - Live Dance Party. 4pm - 8pm. 


September 25th | MAZE OPENS ~ Saturday 25th. 9am until sunset, weather permitting!

September 25th | Kids Dance Party with LIVE DJ (DJ Mayo!). 12pm - 4pm. 

September 21st | Our maze will be reopening Saturday, September 25th!! We will be open from 9am until sunset, weather pending!

September 18th | Our fall sunflowers are feeling a little shy! We will be CLOSED through the weekend. Please check in Monday for an update on our reopening! 

September 13th | Our fall colored sunflowers are almost here! We will be CLOSED September 14-16 to give the flowers room to grow. Our fall maze will open Friday, September 17th from 9am until sunset!

September 3rd | We are reopening! Our fall colored sunflowers have arrived!

August 31st | The maze will be closed until further notice to prepare for this week's storm and allow time for our sunflowers to recover! Stay tuned for the announcement of the reopening date of our new field!

July 31st | Tonight is our first SUNSET SOCIAL! Join us from 4-8pm for an evening of sunflowers at sunset! Long Island's own D Mayo Productions will be back with us! All ages welcome! Admission is $15 per person.

July 30th | Tonight is our very first FRIDAY FUNFEST! Join us from 6-11pm for a special dance party, featuring Long Island's own D Mayo Productions! Come take a photo of the sunflowers at sunset then head to the dance floor!

July 23rd | New hours in effect starting today: Mon-Thurs 10am-6pm, Fri-Sun 9am-sunset!

July 16th | We will be OPENING FOR THE SEASON on July 16th! Please check in with our social media pages or website before your visit for any last minute closures due to weather.  

July 7th | We are keeping an eye on the upcoming storm and will update you all as soon as we get more information how our sunflowers brave the weather!

July 5th | Great news! Our sunflowers are beginning to bloom, early than expected! Stay tuned for more information on our opening date.

May 24th | The first section of our maze is on its way! The sunflowers have been planted and we are expecting to see them bloom by mid or late July. However, a lot of this depends on Mother Nature.

Schedule of Events

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